Formula 1 announced that some changes will be done to the circuits of Yas Marina and Albert Park to make the races more entertaining. Some drivers believe they will enhance the quality of the races.

In Yas Marina, the chicane before the hairpin has been removed so the cars can follow each other more closely before the long straight. Plus, the corners 11-12-13-14 have been replaced by a long left-hander. Finally, some other turns have been slightly changed as well.

In Albert Park, the goal is to increase the average speed of the lap. Therefore, some corners have been widened, and some others removed or reshaped.

Sergio Perez said that he likes the new changes, and he believes they will improve racing.

“I think it’s a good thing to try to improve the racing.

“Abu Dhabi, for example, it’s a great track, but sometimes the racing tends to be a bit on the boring side. And so hopefully if that works, there are potentially other circuits that can do something about it as well.”

Antonio Giovinazzi admitted that the modifications can make a big difference and he is eager to race both in Abu Dhabi and in Australia.

“We’ll see. I think if we can have a better race, it’s just better,” said Giovinazzi.

“We don’t care if it will be a different track and everything, but if we can overtake, if we can have more possibilities to overtake, then why not? It’s good.

“For Melbourne, I think it is the right one because we can have a long straight there and it can make our life a little bit more easy to overtake. For Abu Dhabi as well. But we need to wait after the weekend and we can understand if it’s better or not.”

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