Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle has said that a return to China is plausible, and hopes it is the Sanya GP.

Reigle has confirmed that the talks with Eidenhoven, Vancouver, and Cape Town are looking extremely positive and close to being signed. With the GP at Cape Town set to take place in February and Vancouver in July.

Seoul in South Korea is also set to have an event for the 2022 season and is set to take place on the 14th of August 2022.

He finally divulged on whether a return to china is possible: “Obviously, we want to return to China. There’s Sanya but we are in discussions with Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. Sitting here nine months before those events, none of them are anywhere near the stage of negotiations that we have with Eindhoven, Vancouver, and Cape Town.

“If we do China next year, which obviously we want to, I’d say Sanya. But that’s still dependent on orders over exemptions, which don’t exist for any sport right now.”

He also spoke of the future: “We’ve got a big pipeline of cities where we’re having good conversations: China, Japan, and Brazil. None of those are going to happen next year, but the pipeline is really good.

“We’ve always been really bullish about the quality and quantity of cities that are listed in Formula E. I’ve always been really optimistic about the long term – [2021-22] and also going into Gen3.”

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