Binotto believes FIA needs better technical team

2021 Styrian Grand Prix. Credits: Scuderia Ferrari (Twitter: @ScuderiaFerrari).

Ferrari’s team principal Mattia Binotto has suggested that the FIA should develop a better technical team to avoid confusion regarding numerous technical directives that have been issued over the season. The increasingly complicated rules and the upcoming 2022 regulations have led to controversial situations.

McLaren has also asked for transparency and a stronger technical team to avoid any further problems regarding the regulations and to ensure that all teams will comply with the regulations for a fair championship.

“Clearly the rules are very complex. There have been a series of technical directives in the only year that have needed more clarification to ensure that all teams operate according to the spirit of the regulation,” Binotto said.

The latest set of technical regulations is the result of major concerns regarding the execution of rules, including the rear wing of Red Bull’s RB16B, which has prompted complaints from Mercedes to the FIA regarding its legality.

Binotto has also said that while the FIA is doing its best, there is a dire need for the improvement of their technical staff, especially with the 2022 season approaching with its new rules.

“Without a doubt, I think the FIA ​​needs to short-cut their technical staff. The technical regulations are very complex and to manage them, the FIA ​​needs a stronger team , but I think they are aware of this.”

“They are doing their best and I am quite sure that in the future they will improve,” Binotto commented.

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