After dominating the Styrian GP ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, Max Verstappen expects that the Austrian GP is going to be tougher, and the battle will be close against Mercedes.

Many orange fans will welcome Verstappen at the Red Bull Ring, and they hope to see the Dutchman win again.

“I expect it to be a tougher fight. There are no guarantees in this sport and we have to keep improving,” he said on Thursday.

“Of course it’s just nice in general to see a lot of fans back; I think everyone missed that a lot. It just creates an atmosphere that we’re all looking forward to this weekend.”

For this weekend, Pirelli is bringing softer compounds, and rain is also expected to hit the track. There are all the factors for a thrilling race on Sunday. Moreover, Verstappen warns everyone, saying that anything can happen and nothing is guaranteed.

“That weekend was very enjoyable but it’s not a guarantee that it will happen again, you know? We have to make sure that now with the softer compounds we again have a good car with a good balance and of course, people learn from their mistakes last week.”

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