Perez still unsatisfied with his performance

Sergio Perez. Credits: Red Bull Contend Pool.

Sergio Perez has said he is still unsatisfied with how he’s performing with Red Bull, wanting to be closer to the pace of Max Verstappen.

The Baku Grand Prix winner sits third in the title, and has scored points in every race except for Imola, where he spun out after the restart. Despite this, he wants more, wanting to be more competitive and closer to Verstappen.

“We all know in this business how good Max is,” Perez said. “He delivers at a very high level from FP1.”

“I’m more focused on my side on trying to get fully comfortable with things, fully up to speed with just driving the car. It was just a very different world from what I was used to. I think the fact that I moved teams, probably teams out that are similar to others, but I went to another extreme. So I think that made it a bit harder.”

“But I’m getting there. I think every single weekend we see good improvement and I see no reason why I cannot get any better in the next five races, for example, to do another step. So I’m happy with my progression so far and with my level that I’m delivering at but obviously it’s not enough and I want more than that.”

Perez will this weekend become the 19th driver to make it to 200 starts, as he passes Alain Prost’s total of 199 and moves within one race of Jean Alesi.

“You tend to forget how long you’ve been here and how many races, how many moments, how much of a life in the sport,” he said of the stat. “I remember when I did 100 and it felt like a big, big number. They come so fast. It’s unbelievable to look back and realise the amount of races I’ve done. But the best part of it is I’m still young, I still enjoy it as much as my first one.”

“I’m fully motivated and I wouldn’t say I want to do another 200 but I definitely want to carry on and keep doing hopefully another 100 more to my count.”

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