Mercedes will improve more than just aerodynamics of 2021 car

2021 Styrian Grand Prix, Saturday – LAT Images. Credits: Daimler.

Mercedes chief strategist, James Vowles revealed that Mercedes is set to improve their 2021 car on more domains than just its aerodynamics.

After an arguably disappointing Styrian Grand Prix, in which Mercedes saw themselves unable to match Verstappen’s pace despite all their efforts, Toto Wolff revealed that the development of the 2021 car was going to be slowed down very largely to allow better focus on their 2022 challenger.

A few days later, James Allison calmed things down, saying that Mercedes was going to continue bringing at least some minor aerodynamical improvements to their W12. Today, it was James Vowles’ turn to give his interpretation of Wolff’s burning statements. 

Once again, the words of the team boss were measured, Vowles pointing out that there are still many aspects of this year’s car to exploit and improve. He explained that aerodynamical improvements will not be the only area of research that the team will focus on to improve this year’s challenger.

“You can always optimize and improve the package you have. You don’t normally extract everything out of it from the word go,” Vowles said.

“This package has a number of ways that we can improve it. We still have more performance that we can add to it and aerodynamic improvements are just one facet of car performance. We have other elements of this car that we can add performance to and we are continuously doing so.”

“Every time you run on track, [you] get more and more information and data, you learn a little bit more about how to use the car, how to use the tires, and how to optimize the package together.”

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