Increased number of technical directives to ensure fair title fight – Masi

Michael Masi. Credits: Getty Images.

Michael Masi clarified that the increased number of technical directives must be associated with a search for fairness in the 2021 title fight rather than an attempt to claim total governance of Formula One.

A few days ago, Frederic Vasseur expressed his disagreement with the FIA’s way of implementing a bunch of technical directives when they felt it was needed. The Frenchman specified his thoughts, admitting that it looked like an easy way to claim total governance in Formula One: “Each Monday, we have a list of TDs. It’s the new way to govern F1, and it’s not the right way.”

To avoid things getting out of control and the FIA taking too much freedom in their attempts to clarify the regulations, Vasseur pointed out that technical directives like the most recent one about pit stops should be introduced during the winter break and not over the course of the season, as soon as the FIA has the envy to do it.

Masi recently answered Vasseur’s claims, pointing out that a highly disputed championship requires highly specified regulations to avoid any teams exploiting loopholes or taking too much liberty in their interpretation of the rules.

“I wouldn’t call it a governance mechanism,” Masi said.

“Obviously with a number of areas going on and with an increased step in the battle at the front, [it] has certainly heated up a lot more than what we’ve seen in quite a while.”

“And the need for clarification on operational guidance and directives in certain areas, yes, has increased.”

“But it’s certainly a way to try and communicate with all the teams of the way certain regulations may, from an internal technical department perspective, may be interpreted, or to certain procedures that may be followed, to determine compliance or otherwise.”

“And the clarity around those, everyone always wants more clarity in certain areas, hence the number of them [TDs] with everything that’s going on.”

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