Alex Zanardi is in a stable condition, however he is unable to speak, according to an update given by his wife.

Zanardi was involved in a road accident last year and almost lost his life. 12 months on from his accident, little was given about his condition, but today his wife Daniela provided an update on the former F1 driver’s condition.

“One year after the accident, Alex’s condition is essentially stable,” she said. “He is currently in a special clinic, where he is undergoing a rehabilitation programme.”

“It has been a very complex process that has required more neurosurgery and been characterised by a number of setbacks. Alex is in a stable condition, which means he is able to undergo training programmes for both his brain and his body.”

“He can communicate with us, but he is still unable to speak. After a long time in a coma, the vocal cords must regain their elasticity. This is only possible through practice and therapy. He still has a lot of strength in his arms and hands, and is training intensively on the equipment.”

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