Alpine Sporting Director Alan Permane has praised the matured approach taken by Fernando Alonso upon his return to F1, taking accountability for his initial struggles, instead of throwing “hissy fits.” Alonso has been said to be constantly focusing on improvement.

Permane has also said that Alonso has been a team player this season, building things up around him and expressing his thoughts over the radio and during meetings. In Styria, Alonso praised his Q2 lap over the radio, to which Permane had something to say.

“To hear a driver who’s done a good lap being really happy with it and hear how motivated he is and that sort of thing. It’s going well,” Permane explained.

“That just makes their weeks of work, their hard work, worthwhile.”

Regarding Alonso’s progress from pre-season till the last race, Permane has clarified that Alonso isn’t quite done adjusting to the car completely. Despite this, he has reassured that Alonso is doing a “great job,” and that he is confident.

“I don’t think he’s finished that process yet. He’s still there, he’s still building his team with his guys around him, and doing a great job,” Permane said. “There were some struggles, and instead of having any tantrums or hissy fits or anything, he just looked to himself.”

“I think the process is like anything in Formula 1, there is no magic bullet to any of this to finding downforce, to finding horsepower, to the drivers finding where they are,” Permane further explained. Alonso initially struggled, scoring in only two of the first five races. Now, he has had points finishes in the last three races, even securing sixth place in Baku.

Whatever approach Alonso may be adopting, it is evident that there is progress for both Alonso and Alpine. Alonso has also slowly bridged the gap to teammate Estaban Ocon in qualifying, beating the latter to Q3 in Styria last week.

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