Lewis Hamilton has said he does not want to give up on the world title just yet, despite Mercedes clearly having the worse car.

Hamilton has scored 138 points in the first eight rounds, his lowest score since 2016 when he had 117 points coming out of round eight. Mercedes have it even worse, with 212 points only being marginally better than their 2013 season thus far. The last time the team went more than four races without a win was back in 2013, with the barren run set to hit five come the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend, where Red Bull is very fast.

Hamilton has a never-say-die attitude though, and he is holding out hope that the title battle could fall his way, especially considering he’s a beast in the second half of the season.

“I’m not going to question the team’s logic and how they got through with their process,” Hamilton said. “As I said, I would love to have… Give us an upgrade, we would love an upgrade, but I don’t think it’s in the pipeline at the moment.”

“I don’t accept anything. I think we’ve still got many races ahead of us and we’ve got to keep pushing. We’re World Champions and that’s what we can, definitely, improve if we have put our minds to it.”

“If we’re not going to develop and improve our car for the rest of the year, this is the result you’re going to see, because, as I said, they’ve really eked out performance in these last few races, wherever it’s been, whether it’s been in France with the engine or the new wing, whichever it is.”

Hamilton is 18 points down on Max Verstappen coming into the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend, but stands clear in second place, with Sergio Perez 42 further points back.

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