Ferrari expects front tires struggle to come back in Great Britain, Hungary

Carlos Sainz in Styria. Credits: Scuderia Ferrari Twitter.

During the French GP, Ferrari struggled a lot with the degradation of the front tires, a problem which they believe could come back both at Silverstone and in Hungary.

After a good qualifying at Paul Ricard, Ferrari did not score a single point on Sunday due to high degradation. Thus, Laurent Mekies, Ferrari sporting director thinks that the problem could be the same in Silverstone and Hungary since they both are very demanding tracks for the tires.

“There are certain venues that we are looking for with more attention,” Mekies admitted. “Silverstone is one, Budapest is one.

“Tracks that normally put more stress on the front axle is the one that got attention for. In the meantime, as I said, we are trying to find ways to mitigate or to increase our margin.”

Moreover, Carlos Sainz believes that, despite the great race in Styria, Ferrari will still struggle at some venues due to tire degradation.

The Spaniard also admitted that the Scuderia did not fully understand what were the problems concerning the tires in France.

“It is, unfortunately, at the moment, track specific. The car is very similar to [at] Paul Ricard, and we haven’t found a solution or reason for our Paul Ricard struggles.

“So we expect our race pace to swing up and down, depending on the circuit. Then we’ll find the reason why that happened in Paul Ricard.”

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