Binotto suggests Mercedes’ struggles due to internal stability

2021 French Grand Prix, Sunday – Wolfgang Wilhelm Credits: Daimler

Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto has suggested that Mercedes’ recent struggles may be attributed to the internal organization, which he reckons is experiencing instability.

“I think they are signs of a distraction that has led to the current situation,” Binotto said. “If, on the other hand, we look at Mercedes, already in the last year there have been significant internal changes, with roles that have perhaps been revised.”

He has praised Red Bull’s stability within the team, stating: “it must be acknowledged that Red Bull has done a great job, I think it is right to point out that they are reaping excellent results because they can count on a team that has been stable for many years.”

“Despite having had to face difficulties, despite not having won, they have continued to build a group to try to improve their car.”

He also disagreed with Mercedes’ suggestion that Red Bull’s straight-line speed may be due to an engine performance upgrade. he has instead suggested that Red Bull and Honda had initially wound down the engine, for reliability purposes.

“For Red Bull, it is not a question of having taken a step forward, because that would not be allowed in the regulations,” Binotto explained. “They [Red Bull] had to reduce performance due to reliability issues. I think by solving that, they’re back to the standards they had at the start of the season.”

While there has been no comparison made with Ferrari’s situation by Binotto, he has always made it clear that giving the current plan time is the best way for Ferrari to make significant progress for upcoming seasons.

“There has been no step forward. We, from Bahrain onwards, always had the same level of performance because the engine allowed us to run like that,” Binotto said.

Ferrari have also said that the front tire degradation problem faced in France would most likely repeat in Hungary and Britain, making the road ahead quite challenging, especially competing for third place against a strong McLaren.

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