Reigning world champion Joan Mir has said the 2021 Suzuki is now enough for his title defence, as the Spaniard falls 50 points behind Quartararo.

Mir won the 2020 MotoGP world title in sensational fashion, through consistency and picking up the pieces his rivals frequently left. A repeat performance this season seems off the cards. Despite being fourth in the world title, his 2020 rival Fabio Quartararo has walked away with the championship lead, and Mir himself has said Suzuki just don’t have the bike to fight for the title.

“I’m so happy about the race overall because I think we couldn’t expect much more from this race,” Mir said after the Dutch TT, where he finished third.

“I did what I had to do on the first laps, always it’s really to difficult to overtake Honda and Ducatis, it’s always a nightmare.  I tried to do my maximum and do clever overtakes. Of course, I’m always struggling to overtake the Ducatis, so maybe some overtake is a bit on the limit.”

Mir said the main weakness in the Suzuki is their lack of a ride height device, but the poor qualifying pace of the bike hinders the weekend too.

“First, we must work on the device because there are a lot of tracks that this device can make a huge difference to start in the same position as the others. So, this we must do. Then to work a little bit on the details of the bike that always make the difference.”

“For my part we have to understand with the team what we need to be stronger on qualifying to make a good lap time because always the pace that I’m able to do is not far from the lap that I do in qualifying pushing like an animal.”

“It’s difficult to understand but we will find a solution.”

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