FIA Race Director, Michael Masi, has said that the mid-season rule changes in the form of Technical Directives are a direct result of the ongoing title battle between Red Bull and Mercedes.

Masi admitted that the battle to take first place in the championship is very tight, more than they expected.

“Obviously, with a number of areas going on, the battle at the front has certainly heated up a lot more than what we’ve seen in quite a while.”

“The need for clarification or operational guidance and directives in certain areas, yes, it has increased, but I think that’s also increased as a direct result of what’s going on with the competitive order on track,” Masi explained.

He also explained that there is a direct relationship between the competition on track and the ever-persistent demand for operational guidance and directives.

“Certainly, it’s a way to try and communicate with all the teams of the way certain regulations may look from an internal technical department perspective, and the clarity around those is that everyone always wants more clarity in certain areas.”

In the end, he has also explained how broadcasting FIA-Team Principal radio messages has led to teams being more aware of their radio traffic. Masi has added on, stating that it has certainly impacted what teams exactly say across the radio.

“Now that the teams know that it’s broadcast, it’s probably reduced the radio traffic from race control. From the team’s perspective, it’s probably making them think twice.”

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