Red Bull’s advisor Dr. Helmut Marko has criticized Mercedes for complaining about everything regarding Red Bull this season, emphasizing that Red Bull has the chassis and engine package to challenge the Silver Arrows this season in a fair manner.

Marko has also said that while there will be circuits where Mercedes is strong, he is confident that Red Bull can be in the similar position as last race weekend.

“Definitely there will be circuits where they are strong, but next week we should be in the same position,” Marko explained. “We have learned from our mistakes. Mercedes took that step with the engine last year, but Honda has responded this year.”

Marko has stated, for the record, that he is sure that Max Verstappen can repeat his dominance at the Red Bull Ring at the upcoming Austrian GP, with the tires being the only possible difference being.

In addition, he has responded to suspicions of improvement of the engine mid-season, an act prohibited by the 2021 regulations, by stating that Mercedes has the fastest engine on the grid.

“Mercedes now lacks the 50 horsepower advantage it has had for seven years. But the fastest car on the straight was now the McLaren, with a Mercedes engine. They are not used to this situation at Mercedes,” he commented.

“They complain about our rear wing, our pit stops and everything. If Mercedes doesn’t do it itself, it will use a team like Aston Martin to complain. We focus on racing. and we try to make sure that nothing stops us.”

Marko is looking forward to Red Bull securing another 25 points before heading to Silverstone for the British GP. While the battle at the race track might be intense, it is clear that it is slowly heating up outside as well.

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