Former F1 driver Jos Verstappen believes that while Sergio Perez has been a solid performer this season, he still has much to improve. The Mexican is currently third in the Drivers’ Championship, but Verstappen feels Perez could improve in qualifying,

He has elaborated stating that the improvements to the car, through the engine and aero packages have massively helped both Red Bull drivers consistently fight for wins and podiums this season.

“This year is an opportunity and Red Bull wants to do everything possible to take advantage of this opportunity. We’re on par [with Mercedes] because we’ve got some upgrades that work.”

The former Grand Prix driver has explained exactly how he feels Perez can improve this season. Perez was brought in from Racing Point to help Red Bull reach success.

So far, Perez has massively outperformed his predecessors Alex Albon and Pierre Gasly, collected much needed points and provided valuable support to Verstappen during races.

“He still has a few weaknesses,” Jos Verstappen said.

“Perez has to improve a bit in qualifying to help Max, so far he’s been doing a very good job, it works really well.”

As of now, Red Bull Racing leads Mercedes in the Constructors’ Championship by 40 points. It is critical that Perez keeps performing at his best, so that Red Bull can hold onto the lead.

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