Wolff is sure, Red Bull has faster package than Mercedes

2021 Styrian Grand Prix, Friday – Steve Etherington

The battle between Red Bull and Mercedes is still very tight in Styria, and Toto Wolff admitted that t beat their rivals, the Silver Arrows need to do everything perfectly.

It is not a secret anymore that Red Bull is now the team to beat, and even Wolff is sure and does not lie about it. With Max Verstappen in pole position once again, Wolff said that it will not be easy for Mercedes to beat the Milton Keynes-based team.

“We continue to stick to our principle of putting our resources into 2022, with all the consequences that can have in 2021.

“But this is a long game. We are not looking at the single race or single result, but trying to optimize every single year.

“Having said that, we just need to do the best with our package. And you know, it’s not a secret, there is a trend. They have the faster package at the moment.”

Finally, even though Mercedes is the one who has to close the gap with Red Bull, Wolff does not want to give up yet.

“We need to utilize our tools and our intelligence to understand our car, setup work, the tires, and what it needs to deploy and then we need to be faultless,” Wolf added.

“I believe if we can align those stars we can win the championship.”

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