Fernando Alonso managed to score points for Alpine in Styria, finishing the race in P9 after some difficult battles with other teams.

Alonso started in P8, and throughout the whole race, it was hard for him to keep the position. The gap between the midfield teams was very tight, and scoring points was crucial for him.

“Race with a lot of work from the start. Holding out with the reds until lap 30 was not easy. Enough battles, there are four points or two points that are welcome.”

Alonso underlined how quick the Ferraris were in Styria, and that their racecraft made him felt vulnerable.

“We knew we were a little out of position and we had to hold the points. Charles is last and ends up in front of us. Many of our rivals are in another league, we did what we could,” he added.

Finally, Alonso said that scoring points was the best result he could achieve, and he thinks that next week the outcome of the race will be pretty similar.

“For next weekend we will have to think about it raining because the cars will remain the same. It does not make sense to do two Grand Prizes in the same place with the same cars. I think we are going to see another repetition of this race. A couple of points or two is going to be the maximum, therefore you have to hold on to it well.”

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