Alpha Tauri’s Technical Director has praised Yuki Tsunoda for the work he is putting in since his move to Italy.

Jody Egginton, Alpha Tauri’s Technical Director, has acknowledged that Franz Tost’s training program for Tsunoda is reaping dividends as we have seen stronger race weekends from the rookie since Baku.

After a rough start to the season for Tsunoda, Tost, Alpha Tauri’s team principal, felt it was needed for the Japanese to move from the UK to Italy as he would be able to keep a closer eye on his training programs. The commentators at the French GP also mentioned that Tsunoda’s training program was intense, and it has him working out at the gym for six hours a day.

Egginton recognizes the efforts put in by the Tost and the rookie as he believes this training is crucial for Tsunoda to fully integrate himself into Formula 1.

“I think the move to Italy and basing his training out of Italy and spending a lot more time in the factory is definitely bringing rewards.”

“Like anything at all, the more time you spend doing something, it improves the odds of you improving at it, I think it’s helped his relationship with the engineers. I think the training environment in Italy has been good, the weather has been fantastic.”

“It’s good for him as well. He’s been around the factory. I just think, the specific sessions the engineers spend with him, and his trainer spends with him. But also, on top of that, just being around guys working on a Formula 1 car, in the office, designers, and he’s got a desk in the office with the engineers, he’s been fantastic.”

“So, I think he’s just taking it all in, and just getting more and more comfortable with it. And he’s done a really solid weekend here. OK, he got a penalty in qualifying, but that one can’t be laid at his door, and he’s put in a pretty good performance. And he’s built a weekend. We haven’t raced yet, but he’s built a weekend. So, I definitely see the benefits.”

“It’s good having him around. It’s also good for the factory, having the driver around. It’s good motivation for people in the factory as well. I can see a lot of goodness in it, and I fully support it. I think it’s helping him.”

“I think it does help him focus, I think when you’re in this environment, in the F1 environment, it helps you take it all on board. He’s a young guy and it’s been a big change for him, and I think it’s helped him focus.”

“So, at the same time, I think his engineers having more access to him has also allowed them to understand how better to work with him, how to communicate. So, I think there are benefits on both sides. But yeah, for sure, focus on the engineering aspects, focus on the training aspects and then also being in Italy is a good environment to be learning in. I only see benefits in it. I don’t see any downsides and it’s a change, but I think there’s a positive message there.”

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