Lando Norris supposes that McLaren needs to make the MCL35M car better to be in contention for podiums and wins.

Norris’ streak of top 10 finishes in 2021 continued with the P5 result at Sunday’s Styrian GP. The McLaren driver thought that it was his maximum that afternoon.

“I think it’s the best we could achieve today. In some ways it’s a positive that we had a lonely, easy race, but I think we still learned some things. The Ferraris were very fast as well and I think next week, they can be much more of a threat if they start with a good position and don’t have any incidents,” he said.

“So apart from that it was a pretty straightforward race on my part. I think we struggled a lot in the beginning but it got better towards the end so just need to figure some things out, try and improve but P5 I’m happy with.”

The young Briton finished 5th in the last year’s event. However, he had different feelings this time around, because he felt that the team always wanted to do better, which meant that upgrades needed to be made to reach those goals.

“I remember last year if we had a P5 it was like, wow, a win! But I guess every time you get to that position and you get comfortable with it, you always want a little bit more and you want to achieve a bit more.”

“So it’s annoying because [the frontrunners] were so much further ahead today; it wasn’t like they were 10 seconds ahead or 15 or five, it was [checks timing screen] 26.7s ahead, so that’s a lot of lap time [and] a much better car needed.”

“So it’s frustrating because we want to improve, but I guess for a while you’re not going to see us do a lot better than that on pure performance.”

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