Red Bull’s oil supplier ExxonMobil is the reason behind the team’s engine power increase, according to Christian Horner.

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton have been saying over the Austrian Grand Prix weekend they were surprised by the straight line speed Red Bull has. Horner said to the media after Max Verstappen’s win that credit needed to be given to the oil supplier, ExxonMobil, for the speed boost.

“We have a new oil from ExxonMobil so I think they should take full credit for Lewis’ pointing at the engines,” Horner said. “The engines are homologated, it’s the same spec.”

“And another great performance by Honda, our 10th victory with Honda now in under three years. So it’s so far so good. It’s undoubted that Honda have done a great job over the winter but just look at the configurations of the car.”

“They’ve got a barn door on the back of their car for this race and we had a pretty skinny rear wing. So, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out why we’re potentially a bit quicker on the straights.”

Red Bull would like to make it five in a row when Formula 1 returns to Austria this coming weekend.

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