Max Verstappen has said he wants to prove the straight line speed of the Red Bull is down to the rear wing setup, rather than engine power.

Verstappen took pole in Austria from Lewis Hamilton, with Red Bull far quicker down the straights than they ever have been compared to Mercedes. This has sparked rumors about the engine of Verstappen’s car, as he seems to be much faster than his teammate in a straight line.

Verstappen has denied this, saying it’s all down to the setup the team runs on the rear wing.

“I think next time, I am going to bring a print-out of the rear wing difference we’re running, and then I’m going to hand it over to every single journalist,” he said.

“I get these questions for weeks now, that we are really quick in the straight, and yes we are. But look at our rear wing. I don’t think it’s exactly the same. For sure, Honda did a great job compared to last year. But from our first engine to the engine we have in the car now, it’s all about reliability improvements, and no clear advantage on pure power.”

Verstappen will hope to translate his pole position to a race win, and further extend his points lead to Hamilton when Formula 1 returns tomorrow for the Styrian Grand Prix.

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