After wrecking his single-seater multiple times in qualifying sessions, Yuki Tsunoda admitted he wants to adopt a calmer attitude, modeled on Gasly’s more relaxed approach.

Tsunoda still has to adapt to some tricky aspects of Formula One, like the extremely tiny error margin drivers have, especially after modifications were just brought to the setup of their car.

The Japanese has crashed his single-seater three times in qualifying this season. He admitted his approach could have been a bit too brave so far and that he will try to adopt Gasly’s method of testing the limits of his setup before giving everything on a qualifying lap.

“I’ve just got to take a more different approach, to be more relaxed. I don’t want to do mistakes again,” Tsunoda said.

“Normally, I attempt to always push hard from the beginning in qualifying one, which I don’t have to. [It is] not so much necessary to do it, especially [with] our car having always consistently good pace, [there is] always potential to go through to Q3.”

“But I tend to always push from beginning and recently, like the last three races, I did two mistakes and same thing, same reason. Pushing too hard, from the first push that makes [my] whole qualifying finish.”

The 21-year-old then explained some observations he has done and wants to model his future approach on Gasly’s “clever” way of doing things.

“He’s clever, how he approaches every session, especially what I saw in France between FP3 and qualifying.”

“He still takes it easy to feel the car balance and as soon as he got [that] balance and feel he just put it all together, which is a different approach [to] me.”

“We [changed] quite big steps for the set-up. I won’t say what direction we changed but he was more clever [than me] in qualifying one. First push he just tried to feel that balance and what was different on the car and from there just started building up the pace.”

“His strength, for me [is] just we did quite similar steps and I just didn’t [take] care for the set-up change. I just sent it from a first push and there was the barrier. So that’s how he approached the session and [that] cleverness is, I think, his strength.”

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