Red Bull’s Christian Horner believes Lewis Hamilton trying to squeeze three runs in Q3 could have hindered his outright qualifying result.

P2 is not bad news for Hamilton, as it’s still the front row, but the Brit surely would have wanted more from qualifying in Austria. Horner speculates that the pressure of trying to squeeze three runs in the final session may have caused Hamilton woe and hindered his chances.

“I was a little concerned because, obviously, Lewis had an extra set of tyres available in Q3,” Horner said.

“But experience told us before that you can end up being a bit rushed with your out laps and so on. So, in the end, I was happy with the strategy we had. It’s something we’ve looked at previously but it puts you under so much pressure on the out laps, you can’t do your build laps in the way that you want, it puts everything much more condensed, but it’s just a different way to go about it.”

Horner will hope Red Bull can translate a pole and fourth in qualifying to a double podium in the race, as they did in France.

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