Haas Team Principal, Guenther Steiner, said that the tensions between Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher do not scare him after what happened in Baku and France.

During the GP at Paul Ricard, Mazepin pushed wide his teammate, who then admitted he might have to get his elbows out in the fight with Mazepin.

Despite this, Steiner believes that letting his drivers fight on track is the right thing to do while interrupting them would be much worse.

“I’m not worried,” said Steiner. “I didn’t see the situation in France as dramatic as you guys [the media] try to make it out.
“We looked into it, and I spoke with Mick about that, and he said, yeah, it was hard racing, it wasn’t unfair.

“But it’s also a difficult position as they are normally sided by side because we are at the back end of the grid. So who are they going to fight? Each other obviously, because there’s nobody else around.

“We would wish to fight with Lewis Hamilton at the front, but we cannot, so in the end, they try to do their best.

“There is a risk that they run into each other, but if I tell them to just drive down behind each other, they will get even more pissed. And I get pissed because then there’s no point to come here.

“It’s a difficult spot where we are, and this is part of it, and I try to manage as best as possible. But I’m not going to say to them ‘oh, just line up how we lined up in qualifying and drive behind each other’, because then they don’t learn anything.”

After the overtake at the hairpin in Monaco made by Schumacher over Mazepin, some people suggested that the relationship between them changed a bit. However, Steiner does not think so and believes it stayed the same.

“We spoke clearly about retaliation and I think there is no retaliation involved,” he said. “As I said before, it is where we are.

“The only one you can fight – I mean, if you are last – is your teammate, because all the other cars are away, so we end up always side by side.

“We can try to beat this thing up but it is what it is. I don’t think there’s any other agenda behind it, you know. Then it’s like they find each other side by side, and they’ve got the same car. So obviously, they will try to do their best.

“But they both forgot what happened in Monte Carlo anyway. They are race car drivers.”

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