Laurent Mekies, Ferrari sporting director, thinks that the FIA should discuss with the teams and then take decisions instead of publishing technical directives out of nowhere.

Before the Styrian GP, the FIA sent a new technical directive saying that from the Hungarian GP the pitstops procedures will be slowed down to improve the safety of the team members.

Some teams, Mercedes and McLaren, were happy to receive the news, but Red Bull called the new rule “disappointing”. Moreover, Mekies said that this will not be a problem for Ferrari, but he was not happy about the timing, and he also believes that the FIA should have warned the teams first.

“It is certainly a little bit coming out of the blue, I would agree with you,” Mekies said.

“I think without discussing the circumstances, I think for sure, it’s probably better moving forward if we have a chance to sit all together and to work these things out with the FIA and with the team, as opposed to being a bit caught by surprise in the middle of the season with a TD.

“Ultimately we understand why that is, but it would probably be nice to sit down and to see what it is first.”

Christian Horner added that he thinks that Mercedes might be behind this decision of the FIA to slow the pitstops down.

“If you can’t be beaten, then obviously the most logical thing is for your competitors to try and slow you down, and that’s obviously what’s happening here.”

However, Toto Wolff said that the Silver Arrows did not ask to slow pitstops down, but only requested whether there could be a way to make a faster pitstop.

“We enquired with the FIA on a safety mechanism, which is related to a system that we were using, and whether that could be optimized,” said Wolff.

“That happened, I would say three or four weeks ago. It was a technology question. So did that trigger anything else? Maybe. I don’t know. But this is the question we’ve asked.”

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