The Circuit of The Americas is planning to host 20 thousand additional fans for the weekend of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.

The 2020 Formula 1 season saw races without fans, something which has changed coming into this year’s calendar as more tracks are allowing fans into their grandstands. The championship management, together with the FIA, expect to have full grandstands as soon as next weekend during the Austrian Grand Prix, following with the British race at Silverstone.

Now, COTA is planning to allow a bigger capacity of fans – an ambitious goal for a country that has been so hard hit by the pandemic.

“Ticket sales are terrific, so we’re pleased there,” said Bobby Epstein, COTA Chairman.

“By knowing that, far enough in advance, we’re able to add a lot of fun content around the event. The extra four months to know the budget is there to make it an incredible experience is really nice.

“We have sold out for the capacity that we would normally prepare for. But because we have time, we’re actually preparing infrastructure and adding bridges to cross the track, to open up new areas of the circuit that we haven’t previously utilized.

“We’re going to go from sold out, to not sold out, to sold out again. We hope to put some more tickets on sale in a month.

“It should allow for another 20,000 plus. It will be more in the realm of a Silverstone crowd.”

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