The Turkish Grand Prix is back in 2021. The event was added to the Formula One calendar for the second year in a row as a replacement for the Singapore Grand Prix.

Earlier this year, the Singapore Grand Prix that was usually scheduled for the 3rd of October was canceled. A Grand Prix slot was therefore made available on the busy Formula One calendar. In line with Formula One’s desire to organize as many Grand Prix as possible throughout a season, a replacement was sought. The Turkish Grand Prix was therefore added to the 2021 calendar earlier today and will take place on October 3rd.

“We are delighted to be coming back to Turkey to Intercity Istanbul Park circuit. We hope to see another fantastic race again in one of the best tracks in the world,” Stefano Domenicali, F1 CEO commented.

“We want to thank the Intercity Istanbul Park management and Mr. Vural Ak for his personal efforts to make this event happen. We have shown that we can continue to adapt and there is huge interest in our sport and the hope from many locations to have a Grand Prix.”

An official Formula One statement also pointed out the low risks of a travel to Turkey, thanks to the high proportion of vaccinated fans and staff.

“The Formula 1 community will continue to travel this season with stringent safety measures that has allowed us to travel safely this season. So far this season we have conducted over 44,000 tests with 27, positive cases a rate of 0.06%, with most coming during the earlier part of the season,” the statement says.

“Alongside this, a significant proportion of the F1 community has been vaccinated already and we are confident that all will have had the opportunity to do so by the end of the summer. We will continue to operate in a way that protects the safety of our personnel and the communities we visit.”

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