Daniel Ricciardo is a very happy man after a stellar performance on Friday being P12 in FP1 and P2 in FP2.

He spoke of how this good result on Friday will help him and McLaren to push on this weekend. Rain threatened all of Friday but never materialized.

“I think we will do a bit of fine tuning but we’re certainly not lost. We’re far from lost actually so I think we’re in a good place.” 

“I had three schnitzels last night, like baby schnitzels, so it was like one but I think I’ve earned myself a few more tonight. Austria is like a real schnitzel theme and then when we go to Monza, it’s always pizza.”

“If that gives me an extra tenth in the car just through sheer pleasure, then so be it.”

Ricciardo also spoke of how he and McLaren still have work to do on the longer stints to improve the race pace.

“It was a pretty good afternoon,” said Ricciardo. “It was weird actually because we were expecting a lot of rain. I saw the radar and it’s as if the rain was just missing the circuit.

“I feel like probably the town down the road is flooded at the moment but we’re dry so it was a it was a good day. 

“I think the obviously low fuel pace was good this afternoon. I think we definitely picked something up from the morning. 

“The high fuel, I would say probably a little bit more to find, relative to low fuel, but definitely a productive afternoon.”

Ricciardo hopes to carry his impressive pace into the weekend.

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