After the decision of the FIA to slow the pitstops down from the Hungarian GP, McLaren expressed its opinion by saying that it was the right thing to do.

The FIA wants to ensure that during the pitstops procedures, both team members and drivers are safe. Therefore, they created a new rule that will slow pitstops down to enhance security during the maneuver.

After the news received by the FIA, McLaren Team Principal, Andreas Seidl, said that his outfit will not have anything to change, everything will remain the same, and he is happy about the decision.

“Safety for our pit crew is one of the most important things for us as a team,” he said ahead of the Styrian Grand Prix.

“It’s such a very competitive battlefield in F1, and therefore I think it is good to clarify even further what the FIA is expecting to be within the rules. I don’t think it would change a lot for us because we always took, I would say, a more conservative approach here to make sure that we don’t put anyone in the pit crew at risk.”

Even though so far the pitstops have been incredibly far, especially for some teams, like Red Bull, Seidl admitted that the FIA was right to take this decision without waiting for someone to get hurt seriously.

“One reason why we welcome the initiatives on FIA side is it’s important also to anticipate problems or safety issues, and not always wait until they happen and then react,” he said. “Therefore we’re very happy with that.”

To conclude, Seidl said that McLaren always did things the right way, always ensuring that the safety of the team members came before anything else.

“With the way we do pitstops, it’s pretty much exploring what was allowed by the regulations, but ensuring safety for our pit crew,” he said.

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