Horner: New pit stop regulation “obviously” trying to slow Red Bull down

Christian Horner. Credits: Red Bull.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is confident the new pit stop regulations were made to slow Red Bull down. The 47-year-old also doubts the utility of the reform.

Yesterday, the FIA introduced a new regulation aiming to ensure more safety in the pitlane. This regulation should slow down the pit stop times by a few tenths but allow the mechanicians to react in the case of an early release, for example.

After taking a look at the “very wordy” regulation, Horner doubted its utility. The Briton went as far as to say that the rule was introduced in the sole hope of slowing Red Bull down.

“The technical directive is certainly very wordy and you almost have to question whether it’s a change of regulation,” Horner said.

“F1 is about innovation and competition. Seeing pitstops sub two seconds is a remarkable feat and we should be encouraging it, not trying to control it, otherwise where does it stop?”

“We’re going to be told which way to walk into the garage, where we should sit on the pit wall ,and which buttons we should press I guess.”

“It’s the duty of the competitor to ensure that the car is safe and the penalty for a wheel not being fixed is you have to stop the car immediately so it’s a brutal punishment if you haven’t got all four wheels securely and safely fastened.”

“I think that to have to hold the car for two tenths of a second, you could almost argue it’s dangerous because you’re judging your gaps. The guy that’s releasing the car is having to make that judgement, and I think that it’s not been well thought through.”

“But of course when you’re in a competitive situation, if you can’t be beaten, then obviously the most logical thing is for your competitors to try and slow you down and that’s obviously what’s happening here.”

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