Aston Martin impressed by Vettel’s memory: “he remembers every little detail”

Sebastian Vettel. Credits: Aston Martin – Twitter.

After spending seven Grand Prix weekends with their latest recruit, team principal Otmar Szanfnauer and teammate Lance Stroll pointed out the incredible memory of Sebastian Vettel and the long and efficient debriefs he can carry out.

After being dropped by Ferrari in 2020, Vettel was signed by Aston Martin to replace Sergio Perez. The German has now spent a few Grand Prix with his new team and a specific aspect in his way of working was pointed out multiple times: his incredible memory. 

It was already revealed by team principal Szafnauer that Vettel’s memory is so accurate and precise that the team has to chose what aspect they want to address in each briefing and what aspects are more ‘secondary’.

“Sebastian’s recollection of a lap is pretty remarkable. He remembers every little detail of every little corner, probably the most detail that I’ve heard from a driver,” Szafnauer said.

We can go on forever [in the debriefs], but we’ve got to make sure that we focus on the first order so maybe some second-order stuff [is less of a priority].”

“Also, every little aspect of the car, the powertrain, ergonomics all that stuff he brings up and we work on fixing it.”

Teammate Stroll recently also pointed out his teammate’s memory, joking about the long-lasting aspect of the debriefs.

“I must say, he’s very in tune with what the car’s doing and his communication to the engineers and his attention to detail is pretty amazing,” Stroll said.

“He’s very good at really absorbing all the information of what’s happening inside the car and explaining it in detail corner by corner. Sometimes the meetings drag on a bit long, but it’s okay. He’s helping the team and that’s the most important thing obviously.”

The Canadian also commented on Vettel’s adaptation to his new team and to his new single-seater.

“After his tough start it’s great to see that the last few weekends he’s been much more comfortable in the car and picking up some good points.”

“It’s great for the team, his big result in Baku and we picked up some good points with both cars in Monaco so it’s good stuff.”

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