Schumacher does not feel totally at ease in his Haas seat

CIRCUIT PAUL RICARD, FRANCE – JUNE 20: Mick Schumacher, Haas F1, on the grid during the French GP at Circuit Paul Ricard on Sunday June 20, 2021 in Le Castellet, France. (Photo by Zak Mauger / LAT Images).

Mick Schumacher has revealed that he does not feel completely comfortable while sitting in the Haas VF-21 car.

The first 7 races in Formula 1 have been quite a challenge for the reigning Formula 2 champion Schumacher because of the problems of Haas’ 2021 car. However, it is not the only reason. The young German admits that his seat is a bit uncomfortable for him at the moment. He has also confirmed that he has asked Sebastian Vettel to take a look at the seat.

“So basically, I’ve been sitting in a crooked position since the beginning of the season – just because the seat is central, but I am not straight,” Schumacher said.

“We’ve actually been talking about it before and I took the opportunity to show him. [We] just spoke about the seat and I think he [Vettel] gave my Mum the tip of maybe breaking it so I would get a new one sooner!”

“But it didn’t happen in the end, so I’ve still got the same seat for now.” 

At the same time, the no.47 car driver reassures that the problem is not that critical, though the seat will be changed in the foreseeable future.

“It’s not as bad as maybe some might think. It’s a small offset, it’s something that I’ve been used too, let’s say, also in junior categories,” he added.

“And to be fair it doesn’t harm me in any way when driving. So, it’s something that for us right now is a secondary concern – for us it’s mostly about trying to get everything ready for the weekends and being prepared on that level and maybe setting out focus on something else instead of wasting it on something that is maybe not affecting me right now.”

“But, as I said, it’s something that is in the plan and we’ll for sure after the summer break come back with something that might be a bit more centered. But, again, we’ve been working on it in the beginning of the season quite a lot, we’ve got to something that was comfortable enough for me to keep going. So, we just kept it, or we left it with that.”

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