Alexander Albon thinks Red Bull’s 2021 success was made possible by very good and effective use of their simulator.

After a difficult 2020 season, Alexander Albon was replaced by Sergio Perez at Red Bull. The 25-year-old was hired as a development driver for the Austrian team. In an interview given to racingnews365, Albon pointed out that his days are often filled with hours of simulation work to allow his team the best understanding and most effective usage of their single-seater as soon as they arrive on-site for a Grand Prix weekend.

“We spend a lot of time in it. I’ve had days on it where I live there all day,” Albon said.

“In the morning I crawl in and in the afternoon after lunch I go on again. I do that for about 20 days a month.”

“It’s certainly not easy, because of course, you get some trouble. All the time you are having to watch screens, but eventually, you get used to it.”

“You can really feel a lot in the simulator. Of course, driving a real car is still different, but I could already feel in the simulator that this year’s car would be very good.”

Talking about Red Bull’s amazing progress in 2021, Albon thinks the team has managed to improve very accurate aspects of their single-seater, allowing them to make the progress they needed to outperform Mercedes with the littlest amount of work possible. This added to “the best use of the simulator” amongst the grid is what allowed Red Bull to have such an amazing season start, according to Albon.

“Obviously Red Bull has taken another step forward this season and I think that’s partly because we’re the team that makes the best use of the simulator.”

“The team has managed to align all the little details just a little better this season and from those small changes we can now compete with Mercedes.”

“We tweaked a few small things to the suspension and the setup and it’s those little tweaks that make the difference in the end.”

“It’s all about the details, those little details have made the car less ‘tricky’ than last year. We are also sure that we can fight for the title all season.”

“I’m very happy about that because it’s nice to see that Red Bull can fight with Mercedes every week. Last year, we already had a good car in our hands and because we have been able to adjust a few small things this winter, we now have a car that is good enough to compete at the front.”

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