Sergio Perez has shown in the last few races that he means business and he hopes that this will help him get a contract faster for the next few years. That is what the Mexican said before the Styrian Grand Prix.

Currently, Perez has a one-year contract with Red Bull Racing, but with good performances in Azerbaijan and France, he made a good name for himself with the Austrian team and now hopes for quick contract negotiations.

“There will be some downtime where we can speak about it and hopefully it doesn’t take too long, because I don’t have a good experience when you take that long.”

“But I see it as a natural thing; once you are comfortable with the team working with them and the team working with you it is something that should happen naturally, happen very smoothly, and we should just take it out of the season and just focus on the right stuff.”

The last comment is due to his final time at Racing Point. There were negotiations, but in September of last year, they decided not to extend his contract and bring Sebastian Vettel onboard instead.

Max Verstappen also wants an extension of the Mexican’s contract.

“Of course, I knew Checo before – not as a teammate, so it’s a little bit different – but I think so far it’s been great and to be able to work together now up front to get the best result for the team is what you want.”

“For sure, I would want that to continue. And yes, he’s a great teammate and we can have a lot of fun as well; we don’t always need to talk about cars and set-up and stuff.”

The Dutchman also said that it is extremely important for the team that both cars can keep up so that the Constructors’ title can become a reality.

“Now, we have the car to really fight them and of course then it’s super important to be up there with two cars and that’s exactly what we have been doing now in Baku and Paul Ricard, so, it’s going to be crucial for the constructors’ championship as well to keep this up until the end of the year.”

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