Lando Norris says McLaren is the right choice for him as the sports moves towards the 2022 season which will introduce new regulations, and says he is happy to continue with them for several more years.

“I have good confidence in my team and McLaren,” Norris said. “I am happy. It is always a bit in the unknown [contract negotiations]. But I think we are heading in the right direction, I have a good team behind me, and I’m happy to stick with them for several more years.

“We will see. I have good confidence that they’re going to be strong but I’m sure there are going to be plenty of other teams that will be fighting us and are going to be strong too. But I’m happy with who I am.”

Norris admitted that having a secured future in Formula 1 gives a confidence boost as a driver.

“It just gives you good confidence as a driver knowing that for X amounts of season that you’re staying put. If you make a mistake it is not like you think it could be coming to an end. A lot of it is confidence.

“I don’t think there are too many other things to say. You can just focus on the rest of the season, you can focus on yourself, you can also have a bit of a longer-term plan of what you want for year two and year three, and so on. As a driver, it gives you the confidence which you need in Formula One because it can be a very tough and cruel sport at the same time.

“You see with other drivers and teams, how quickly things can be turned upside down and not go your way and so on. So having that security and that confidence going forwards is huge as a driver if you want to perform at your best.”

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