Mercedes has no definitive answers about lack of pace compared to Red Bull – Hamilton

2021 French Grand Prix, Sunday – Steve Etherington

Lewis Hamilton admitted that the team has been working a lot after France. However, he said that it did not find all the answers it wanted.

Despite not having found all the answers to why Mercedes has been beaten by Red Bull at Paul Ricard, Hamilton admitted that the work they have been doing in the past few days will surely put them on the right track to go back on top.

“We’ve been working flat out these past few days, Day 1 is always about recovery.

“But there’s been a lot of Zooms, a lot of calls, everyone in the team, it’s been really inspiring and encouraging to see everyone just flat out, everyone just leaving no stone unturned. And I got to be at the factory yesterday. So again, just good to speak to the team. And just continue to encourage them to keep pushing, because that’s what we’re all doing.

“We need everyone to bring their A-game this year to be able to fight these Red Bulls.”

The seven-time world champion pointed out that even though they have been working hard, he is not sure yet whether the team has been able to find out why they were slower than the Red Bulls.

“I wouldn’t say necessarily we get the answers always that we’re looking for,” he said.

“I think, more and more, we have more information I would say coming here. And I hope we’ll find out tomorrow if, hopefully, if it’s dry, the things that we found are pushing us in the right direction. But it’s so many elements, it’s not just one thing.

“If you look at the last race, there were lots and lots of areas that we lost position. And if we’d done some things differently, potentially could have had a different outcome. So we just look at our processes and how we communicate, how we deliver, and hopefully, we can implement them here.”

Finally, Hamilton made it clear that it does not mean the Silver Arrows are now behind Red Bull in terms of pace.

“I think that’s a negative way to approach any race is to think that you’re on the backfoot,” Hamilton explained.

“So we know how strong they are. We’ve got three long straights here. You see how much time they’ve taken out of us on the straights in the last race. That could be the same here. We will wait and see. But no, we come here with an optimistic approach.

“What we’ve learned in the last race, what we’ve learned since then, just in these three days, hopefully, will help us take a small step forwards, even if it’s 0.01 percent. That’s a step in the right direction.”

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