Honda’s Marc Marquez says he’s ‘back to real situation’ for the upcoming Dutch Grand Prix, as the rider doesn’t expect to perform as he did in Germany, where he won.

Marquez had an accident during his outing in Valencia last July, where he injured his right arm, something which threatened his MotoGP career. However, the Spaniard scored the victory of the German Grand Prix but says he doesn’t expect to perform as good on the upcoming Dutch GP.

“Of course, it was an important victory last Sunday,” he said. “The most important – or hardest – moment of my career and this victory arrived in a very important moment because we were in a very deep situation and this gave to us extra motivation, especially to me but to the team Honda because it was also a long time without a victory.

“I think here we will come back to our real situation, but anyway that victory was important before the summer break. We will try to pass the Assen circuit and then we will have more than one month to continue our program, our process, and let’s see if we can ride in a better way than Mugello and Montmelo.

“But I cannot expect to be on the same level as Sachsenring.”

Marquez said he is willing to suffer if that meant a victory, but said pushing too hard will cause him to make mistakes.

“I’m ready to suffer. But if I want to suffer or if I try to suffer, I will crash again like Mugello, Montmelo… This is the reality. In Sachsenring, I was riding very smooth, very precise.

“I know very well this track, that track was also mostly left corners – only three right corners – and if I had some reaction from the bike, I could control it in a good way.

“But here you can suffer for five, six, seven, ten laps, but in the end, if you want to suffer for all the race, it’s easy to make a mistake. So, let’s see. Of course, it [the win at Germany] was a great motivation on the mental side and we are convinced now that we can do it – but in the future, not now.

“This will be the target, try to do a step but do a step comparing to Mugello, Montmelo – not Sachsenring. This means [trying] to be in the top 10, not better.”

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