Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr. has revealed that the Maranello outfit has launched a thorough investigation into the tire degradation problems he and Charles Leclerc faced during the French Grand Prix, last weekend.

Sainz has elaborated on the matter, stating that he does not expect the issues to be solved in a very short period of time, with a limitation of the issue being hopefully possible in the near future. He has also pointed out that the front end was more of an issue on Sunday, where track conditions were different from Friday and Saturday.

To solve this long-lasting issue, Sainz has said that there are both short and long-term solutions being implemented by Ferrari. In addition, it was once again mentioned by the Spaniard that the Scuderia went into Paul Ricard knowing that they might struggle at a circuit known for being front-limited.

“I’ve been spending these last three days in Maranello and we’ve definitely put together a plan for the short, medium, and long term to try and see if we can get it better,” said Sainz, while elaborating on Ferrari’s response to the tire degradation problems.

“In some way also we kind of knew we are exposed to this sort of degradation in the front tires for a while now. We’re going to be exposed to conditions and to track changes. But we can do something to start learning.”

“We need to experiment with different set-up directions, different configurations that we can put in the car to at least in the short term mitigate the problems and there’s already very big investigations being launched in the medium and long-term to try and solve the issue back at the factory.”

Earlier, Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto had also mentioned something similar, believing that restrictions on car development mid-season will make it difficult to fully correct Ferrari’s struggles on front-limited circuits.

Sainz and Ferrari team-mate Leclerc both qualified within the top seven, only to finish outside the points due to their tire degradation woes on Sunday. Rest assured, it will be a long week at the factory for the Prancing Horse to address the issues before this weekend in Austria.

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