Dorilton Capital “not messing around”, says Russell

George Russell (GBR) Williams Racing with James Urwin (GBR) Williams Racing Race Engineer on the grid. French Grand Prix, Sunday 20th June 2021. Paul Ricard, France. Credits: Williams.

Williams has been in a great struggle to see success in the past seasons. However, with the entry of the large investment firm Dorilton Capital, the British team aims to tackle their current predicament with strong mid to long-term goals.

Jost Capito, CEO of Williams Racing, has already announced plans of streamlining their corporate structure to increase team efficiency. The change in structure saw Capito take over the responsibilities of former team principal Simon Roberts.

Williams and Russell are currently unsure of whether they are going to stay together for the 2022 season. Russell did shed some light on his seat for next season by saying:

“At the moment I’m just focused on the driving, to be honest. No discussions have started at all, just taking it race by race. When the right time comes, we’ll start discussing with myself and my managers and with whatever other party that may be.”

“Obviously, Mercedes manage me, so as I said last week, I’m just excited, race by race, looking forward to the future obviously.”

Russell was also confident in his team’s potential for next season to fight for wins. Especially since the 2022 F1 season brings forward the biggest budget caps to have ever been set in place for all teams.

“I’m really confident, to be honest, everything I’ve seen so far since the arrival of the new owners has been fantastic, to be honest. They’re absolutely not messing around and they are doing things properly. They’re not rushing into things, which I think is so important, making the right steps at the right times with a really strong mid to long-term objective.”

“They want to win. It might sound silly at the moment, but we have got a big regulation change coming next year. They have got the finances in place to really push the team forward to where it needs to be improved, and there is no reason why not in the future Williams can’t be back up there fighting at the front of the grid. So that’s the mentality you need to have.”

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