Bottas: “Too early” to support Hamilton in championship fight

Bottas at French GP. 2021. Credits: Mercedes AMG F1

Valtteri Bottas believes that it is too soon for Lewis Hamilton to require his support in winning the drivers’ championship as they head into the eighth race of the season, hosted at Redbull’s home turf, in Spielberg, Austria.

Bottas pointed out that he and his team “have not had any discussions”, referring to the fact that the team has not discussed Lewis’ need for support from his teammate.

The French GP saw the Flying Finn as a sitting duck to Mercedes’ main title contender, Redbull. Both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were able to easily get past him although Perez was on the same one-stop strategy as Bottas. This has brought about speculation on whether Bottas is the right person to support Hamilton in the title fight for this season or the seasons to come. The availability of George Russel for F1’s 2021 silly season has furthered the speculations on Bottas’ seat for the future.

Bottas has responded to this saying: “Everyone needs to remember there are 16 races to go. That’s a lot so there have been no discussions about that.”

“It’s again, the same situation. Everyone knows how the sport works. If you make results, you will earn your place. If you do not make results, and if the team feels like they need to change the driver, then they change the driver. It’s very simple in this sport.”

“The team knows what I’m capable of. They know how valuable I have been in the recent years of getting the championship.”

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