Fernando Alonso expressed his satisfaction after modifications were brought to the Yas Marina circuit, thinking the plan is good and will encourage overtaking.

Earlier today, organizers of the season-closing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix have revealed the improvements they will bring to the Yas Marina Circuit. After taking a look at the new layout, Alonso pointed out two main aspects that will be particularly exciting in this year’s race.

“I saw the plan and I think it’s good,” an enthusiastic Alonso admitted.

“I think it is going to be better and at least it is going to be different for all of us.”

“At least they are trying and they are making sure that we are in a position to have a better show, so I’m happy with the idea.”

“So [there is] that, the first moment, that joy when you go into free practice and you have a new layout, there are always some things that you try and it is good. And then the second, as I said, it should be better for overtaking.”

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