Tyler Reddick believes that a clean weekend is needed to have success at doubleheader events like at Pocono.

Last year’s Cup Series doubleheader at Pocono did not go as planned for Richard Childress Racing’s no.8 car driver Reddick – he finished 30th in the first race and 35th in the second race. Ahead of this weekend, he admitted that Saturday’s race would be crucial for the result of the entire weekend for numerous reasons.

“You’ve got to make sure you have a smooth weekend,” Reddick said.

“If you have a really bad day on Saturday, don’t get any points, it’s really going to set you back going into Sunday because one, you now have no notes really compared to the field that ran the entire race on Saturday. You have to lean on your teammates just to figure out: ‘Okay, what we are going to do?'”

“Then two, you’re going to the backup car. You’re not really getting to work on the piece that you raced all day, you’re having to kind of start from scratch and hope that you have a pretty good target or get within the target you’re searching for.”

Tyler Reddick will start race 1 at Pocono from 16th position.

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