Formula 1 Champion and Alpine advisor Alain Prost believes Fernando Alonso is back at his best shape after a two-year absence from the sport.

Prost recognized how difficult it is to drive back in Formula 1 after a break, as the 4-time World Champion recalls he found it physically and physiologically difficult to be back driving in the sport when he took a break in 1992.

“The first tests were different, it was difficult physically, physiologically. Sometimes you’re a bit surprised that you think that you can make it. And you need to get time to get everything correct. The automatism, and the vision and everything, I found it difficult,” he explained.

The Alpine Advisor admits understanding the implied difficulties for a driver like Fernando Alonso to be back in Formula 1 after such an absence.

“I realized how difficult it must be for someone like Fernando who did not F1 for two years. And then you have only one day and a half [of] testing with the new car, with all the systems you need to understand.

“I don’t know if the age is a criteria. But in the case of Fernando he is very strong, he is still in good shape. It’s more the fact that it’s normal, driving F1, the best car in the world. If he was at the top immediately, it would not be normal, honestly.”

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