Ryan Blaney understands the value and the impact of the upcoming doubleheader event at Pocono for the Playoffs situation.

After last Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series event at Nashville, only nine races are left before the start of the Playoffs. Two of them will take place this weekend at Pocono Raceway, so there are a lot of opportunities to improve the position for every driver ahead of the final 10 races of the season. Team Penske’s driver Blaney is already in the Playoffs after his victory at Atlanta, but he still wants to score some important points at Pocono.

“It’s really important. You have two days back-to-back, where you try to stack up your stage points, trying to get a stage win or two, trying to win the race,” he said.

“We did now come to the end of the regular season and we really have to get on it, to get up there in the points standings, to get the regular season bonus points, or, like I said, get wins and just kind of flat-pad your Playoffs points. It just kind of helps you up around.”

“So, those are huge. You need those to really help out. So, it really is all year, trying to get Playoffs points and stage points and wins. They just kind of carry over and reset for every round, just kind of gives you a little bit of a cushion.”

The no.12 car driver believes that the track, where he has had the maiden Cup Series victory, can bring him success again.

“But we’re getting down to the end of the regular season and we have to really step up and Pocono is a great place to get some really good stage points and try to win the race this year back-to-back days,” he added.

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