Jenson Button supposes that the 2021 Formula 1 season might be the one and only opportunity for Max Verstappen to win the titles with Red Bull.

The Red Bull Racing leader Verstappen has had the reputation of the championship-caliber driver for years, but 2021 seems to be his first real shot at the title. The Dutchman is now leading in the standings with 131 points scored, 12 points ahead of his rival Lewis Hamilton. The 2009 F1 world champion Button believes that this year could be the only real chance for this duo to reach success.

“You know, for Max and Red Bull, this might be their last chance or their first chance and last chance to win a championship together. Who knows what’s going to happen when they take over the Honda Power Units,” he told the Express.

At the same time, the Briton thinks that both Hamilton and Verstappen have equal chances of becoming champions.

“Now it’s at the point where it doesn’t matter who wins, you know, it’s such a cool championship that they’re fighting against each other,” Button commented.

“If Lewis wins an eight title, that’s fantastic, and he thoroughly deserves it. But, you know, Max gets one over on him. Wow. An amazing achievement going into this new era of F1.”

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