After a very difficult French Grand Prix, Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto admitted he knew the venue would be especially difficult for Ferrari, pointing out an issue they have been encountering since 2019.

The French Grand Prix was a disaster for Ferrari after two very strong results in Monaco and Azerbaijan. The qualifying session was satisfactory for the Scuderia, Sainz qualifying P5, and Leclerc P7. Nonetheless, on the next day, things started to spice up when the two drivers found themselves unable to exploit their front tires properly.

“We knew this circuit would be difficult,” Binotto said.

“A very tiring and difficult race for us today. We have not been able to get the tires working as we should have done and I think our performance was really struggling with the tires.”

“High-speed corners where you are putting a lot of energy into the tires, hot conditions. If you are looking at two years ago again, we were really struggling here so I think that these are our car characteristics. It’s not a track that’s suiting us well.”

Binotto thinks Ferrari should have addressed the issue way earlier rather than resting on their laurels. However, this refresher of their weaknesses on high-speed corners made the Italian team principal understand that Ferrari will have to sort this issue before 2022 if they want to come back at their best and fight for the championship, as they envisioned.

“But in the end, it’s two years ago we had the problem. We should have addressed it, it’s not yet the case so it’s why looking at the future is important to use to learn the lessons, to sort it.”

“For us, it is more important to understand and to address it definitely for next year. The main worry for us is it will happen at more races, but not at all tracks. We need to prepare ourselves for this situation.”

“I don’t think it’s reflective of the true pace of the car or the performance itself but it’s something we need to learn and address, not in the immediate future but in the medium and long-term.”

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