Lando Norris admits being surprised at McLaren’s performance during the French Grand Prix, as he didn’t expect his team to pass Ferrari in the constructors’ championship.

Both McLarens qualified eighth and 10th for the French Grand Prix respectively, but Norris was left satisfied with their result during the race, which allowed them to pass Ferrari for third place in the team standings.

“I’m really happy with today,” he said, “especially after yesterday, I was a bit disappointed. So to come back and be P5 for me, P6 for Danny it’s a good result for us as a team. I think it’s been our best race together.

“I’m a bit surprised because I didn’t think we were really expecting this after yesterday. So a few things for us to try and understand.

“It was a fun race for me, all the overtaking and the strategy and trying to surrive in the first with the tires and things. It was tricky but it paid off.”

Despite coming out of the weekend on top of Ferrari, Norris doesn’t believe it shows an advantage for McLaren over them.

“I’m not going to get too happy. It’s going to be like this all year; this weekend has gone to us, but they’re fast and they’re tough to beat, so I’m sure they’ll be back next time.”

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