Lewis Hamilton was the leader of the race until the penultimate lap, and after finishing only second, he admitted that Mercedes needs to find more pace to outperform Red Bull.

The seven-time world champion said that he was happy about the result since the team struggled a bit this weekend too. He tried to find some more pace out of the tires, but it was not enough to keep Verstappen at bay.

“Congrats to Max. Considering we had such a difficult fight I’m happy with the result. Still, it’s a good race.”

Furthermore, Lewis admitted that the team will analyze the data to understand where they were losing time to Red Bull.

“Yeah, we’ve got to find some pace that’s for sure, most of the time we lost today was on the straight. We’ve got to dig deep and find out what that is, whether is power or drag, but we still got a good package. I’m noy sure how we lost position today.”

The team lost position to Max after the pit stop, therefore, something did not work with their strategy. Plus, Martin Brundle pointed out that the indercut was very powerful. Here is how Lewis commented on that:

“Oh, but we didn’t know if that [speaking about the undercut] was going to be or not. It was really surprising how I ran out of that front tire early on, and they had a good strategy and it worked.”

Finally, Lewis admitted that the only option for him when Max pitted for the second time was to stay out and hope that the tires would last until the end.

“He was already quite far ahead so the only option I had was to stay out, and hope the tires held together.”

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