After an amazing French Grand Prix in which Max Verstappen managed to make Red Bull’s daring two pit stop strategy work out, the Dutch driver indicated that wind and traffic were two key factors that could have deprived him of the win.

“At the beginning, it was super difficult with the wind, in one lap you had OK balance and in the next, you were sliding everywhere, so very difficult to keep the car stable,” Verstappen said.

“I wasn’t sure [to win the race] because there were a lot of backmarkers to go through, but they all behaved very well and we could have a good fight till the end.”

The 23-year-old then added a word about his current championship fight against world champion Hamilton. Verstappen wants to remain concentrated, thinking this race did not prove anything but the tightness of the battle between the German and the Austrian team.

“We were fighting each other during the entire race, so I think it’ll be like that for the rest of the season.”

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